Candy Striped Beets / Chioggia Beets

Candy Striped Beets


Chioggia beets are medium to large in size and are globular to oval with a slightly flattened shape, connected to broad green leaves with thick, crisp, red stems. The skin is semi-rough due to spots, indentations, and marks, and is firm, burgundy to dark red, and covered in fine hairs. Underneath the skin, the flesh is dense and naturally striped with concentric rings of white and fuchsia or red. When raw, Chioggia beets have a crunchy texture with a strong earthy flavor, and when cooked, they develop a tender and soft consistency with a sweet, earthy flavor.


Chioggia beets are available year-round.

Current Facts

Chioggia beets, botanically classified as Beta vulgaris, are uniquely striped, edible roots that belong to the Amaranthaceae family. Also known as the Candy-Stripe beet, Candy Cane beet, and Bull’s Eye beet, Chioggia beets are an Italian heirloom variety that is famous for its brightly colored, concentric-ringed flesh. Chioggia beets are known to have one of the most robust earthy tastes among beet varieties and are named after the coastal town of Chioggia, Italy which is located on a small piece of land just outside of the Venice lagoon. While still localized to grocers and farmers who carry specialty varieties, Chioggia beets are increasing in popularity for their strong visual appeal and earthy flavor.