Rice Lake Farms and Rice Lake Farms Packing, LLC guarantees that the produce and material sold to you, our customer, is grown, harvested, packed and shipped in a manner to minimize the
risk of contamination by biological, chemical or physical hazards.
We will ensure ongoing compliance with local, federal and state government food safety rule and regulations thru obtaining third party food safety audits themselves a minimum of once annually
and by maintaining product recall traceability. In the event of a product recall or voluntary market withdraw of any supplied products you will be notified immediately.

Rice Lake Farms and Rice Lake Farms Packing, LLC is dedicated to ensuring the supply of safe, high quality produce to all our customers. We guarantee all produce and material are not mishandled, adulterated, contaminated, and injurious or otherwise unfit for human consumption and all service is conducted in accordance with our Food Safety and Food Security written plans.

Rice Lake Farms and Rice Lake Farms Packing, LLC do not grow or pack any vegetable(s) that are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) or Genetically Engineered (GE). Additionally, we follow the same practice for our cover and rotational crops. Our policy to remain a GMO/GE Free grower, packer and shipper is further supported with
letters of guarantee from our seed and transplant suppliers. The decisions that we make as an organization will be guided by integrity, first and foremost, and will be the cornerstone for all that we do.