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Food Safety Is Our Primary Focus.

At Rice Lake Farms Packing, LLC Food Safety is our primary focus. Our team of experienced staff is dedicated to exceeding the expectation of our clientele. We begin each day with the goal of maintaining the most comprehensive GAP & GHP program possible.

Our personnel are trained to practice cleanliness and safety as a natural habit. It is through a spirit of continual improvement that we have achieved near perfect audits. Without question our desire is to earn and retain your most valued trust and we are grateful and honored to serve you.

We welcome and encourage each of our customers to partner with us as we serve families across America in protecting our food supply. Please contact us at any time with your thoughts and how we can help ensure a safe food supply.


Mark Veltkamp
Food Safety Manager


Nutrition and Recipes
Make fresh vegetables a part od your daily diet.

From the field to the packing plant, and shipping to your market, we monitor our entire process with the highest of standards in food safety.

Current USDA Certification
and other important document resources:

Farm Certification (PDF)
Packing Certification (PDF)
Non-GMO Policy Letter (PDF)
Organic Certification (JPG)
Brochure/Flyer (PDF)

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