Rice Lake Farms

We are located in the fertile muck fields
of Grant, Michigan



Rice Lake Farms is a second generation family owned business
that has been "growing with integrity since 1950." Committed to
honesty and excellence, our farm is located in the fertile and famous
muck fields of Grant Michigan. High yields of quality produce
have for years been sold in bulk, but now can also be purchased in
packaged quantities through Rice Lake Farms Packing LLC. We desire
to grow with you, so please contact us today for a competitive quote,
and shipping schedule.

Our current product listing of produce includes turnips (available June 27), beets, parsnips, onions, squash (acorn, buttercup, spaghetti, butternut), and late season jumbo carrots.

The Rice Lake Story

Mr. R.E. Kincaid came to Grant, Michigan in 1899 and ran a drugstore for thirteen years. His favorite pastime was hunting and fishing in and around Rice Lake about four miles east of town. His father in law, Andrew Squire, owned 200 acres in the marsh and made a deal with Kincaid that if he sold the tamarack timber that sat on 40 acres he would deed the land to him, since he didn't want to pay the taxes. Kincaid later met a John Beldt who showed him the success he was having growing onions around the lake, but complained of lost crops during periods of heavy rain. Kincaid not only eventually purchased Beldt's land but would come to acquire over 3000 acres there. After abandoning the idea of turning the area into a hunting and fishing club, Kincaid recalled how land in the Netherlands was drained to create valuable farming soil. After a fair amount of effort convincing enough petitioners to sign the request to drain the land, the project was approved by the drain commissioner. The result of the year long project was an influx of experienced onion and carrot farmers that led to much growth in the Grant community. This rich muck soil remains today on the fields of Rice Lake Farms.

More history about Grant and Rice Lake (Link)

Rice Lake School history (PDF)


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We look forward to seeing you soon.

Rice Lake Farms • 12670 Spruce Ave., Grant, Michigan 49327 • Ph. 231-834-5130

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If you are a grower who would like to know more about getting your produce to market, we look forward to hearing from you too.